Daily Horoscope (Raasi Palan) For 9.9.2013

Aries (Mesham) :

You will put forth your quality efforts and reap favorable merits in career front. There will be auspicious functions taking place in the family. You are likely to take some major decisions during the day. A sound health is possible. Overall, this would be a delightful day for you.

Taurus (Reshabam) :

Good inflow of money is possible for the day as you may gain through speculation or through legacies. Challenging assignments are there on the cards with regard to your career which may also involve some travelling. Flexible communication with loved ones will aid in realizing good rapport in personal relationship. Maintain proper diet schedule to experience good health.

Gemini (Mithunam) :

Though you may face some initial hiccups, you will realize decent money gains later during the day. Expenses are likely for your family members. You may experience setbacks in your work front which may give rise to stress. Do not succumb to anger or frustrations and avoid confrontations in your work place. Carry on activities with a smiling face. It’s good to have your health checked. Practice yoga and meditation for attaining peace of mind and contentment.

Cancer (Kadagam) :

You will feel delighted and could relax well at the end of the day as your commitments would be met comfortably. You would stand to gain through your flexible communication. Favorable opportunities with regard to career will be utilized. Financial issues will end on a happy note and there would be good returns. Health will be fine.

Leo (Simmam) :

You should analyze your financial transactions in detail before taking any decisions. Career will pose some challenging situations and you may have to devise new strategies to gain improvements. Watch your words while communicating with family members in personal relationship as there are chances for misunderstandings. Pay attention to oral hygiene.

Virgo (Kanni) :

You may travel with regard to your career assignments. Financial issues may end amicably and would bring in decent returns. Resort to adjustments and maintain a flexible approach to gain smooth understanding in personal relationship. Health will be fine.

Libra (Thulam) :

After some initial hiccups, you will be able to attain success in your career front which may also involve some traveling. Exercise a sense of caution while handling monetary issues as expenses will be more for the day. There can be some confusion with regard to your personal relationship. Spend more time with partners and resort to a flexible attitude to gain good rapport in relationship matters. You may suffer from leg pains.

Scorpio (Viruchagam) :

You will devote more attention to your career. Monetary issues will end on a gainful note and you will be able to satisfy your needs. Personal relationship will be smooth. You will feel refreshed all through the day.

Sagittarius (Dhanusu) :

You will experience good opportunities in your career which would be utilized to the best extent. There would be mixed trends with regard to your finances as both expenses and gains will be realized. It would be good to cut down on expenses relating to luxuries and other forms of extravagance. Not much can be expected through your personal relationship. Eat well to avoid stomach ailments.

Capricorn (Magaram) :

It would be a good day for you in career front as things may turn favorable to you. You will be able to charm your love partner through words and actions. Finances will not be a concern for you. Keep a check on your health. You will be able to experience more than usual happenings during the day.

Aquarius (Kumbam) :

Career assignments may end on a favorable note after facing some initial hiccups. You may find it difficult to take decisions with regard to money due to mixed trends in finances. Health of your mother may require medical attention and considerable expenditure. You may have to attend to the needs of your family members. Spend some time with them and open up caring communication to enjoy special bonding.

Pisces (Meenam) :

There would be a sense of happiness on witnessing the progress of your children. You will enjoy benefits through social contacts. Financial issues may end favorably, bringing in good gains. Harmony will prevail in personal relationship and this would delight your mind. Overall, the day turns up with good fortunes.


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