Daily Horoscope for 28 August 2014

Aries (Mesham)
Use the day’s boisterous energy to take charge and make things happen, Aries. You’ll find that
actions you take today resonate in the coming days. Don’t worry about the consequences. Simply go
for the gusto. Strong forces are at work encouraging you to seek freedom in your creative endeavors
and giving you more room to explore your inner sanctuary that you hold so dearly.

Taurus (Reshabam)
There’s apt to be powerful aggression today that may leave you feeling like you want to declare war
on everyone, Taurus. You may get the feeling that everyone else is completely nuts and you’re the
only one who really knows what’s going on. Beware of misinformed people and false information.
Fights could erupt over facts that seem true at first but are just someone’s misguided dreams.

Gemini (Mithunam)
You may run into some tension today as fantasy gets in the way of your plan of attack, Gemini. Keep
in mind that things are moving rapidly these days, and the slightest movement is magnified. Don’t try
to undo things that can’t be undone. Accept your mistakes and move on. There’s a whole world for
you to explore and conquer, so try not to get trapped in your own little box.

Cancer (Kadagam)
You may run into a great deal of frustration if you try to fight the current circumstances, Cancer. The
key is to take whatever situation you’re in and make the best of it. Whining and moping about your
position won’t make things better. You have great gifts to be proud of and thankful for, so don’t throw
them away by thinking that they have no outlet. Create your own reality..

Leo (Simmam)
Keeping things in balance today might be tricky, Leo, since your instincts may gravitate toward a
loving, fanciful, peaceful situation. There’s a harsh, warring force working against this position.
Beware of this powerful energy that’s self-centered and courageous. Stick with the things you know
and don’t stoop to another’s level if it doesn’t sit right with you.

Virgo (Kanni)
Things may be tough and aggressive today, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make progress.
There’s a nervous energy in the air spurring people to action. Keep in mind that you’re likely to get
caught up in the frenzy and be called to take a stand. Be careful that your viewpoint doesn’t become
fixed and stubborn. You can learn some valuable lessons by listening to others.

Libra (Thulam)
Make sure that the battle you fight today is yours, Libra. There’s a great deal of tension in the air that
might erupt when you least expect it. It may behoove you to stay detached from the war that’s apt to
ensue. Keep things light and try not to take things too seriously. Your philosophical viewpoint and
strong spirit are the very combination needed to resolve the situation.

Scorpio (Viruchagam)
Wake up on the right side of bed, Scorpio. This will set the tone for the rest of the day. Keep things
positive and you’ll find that the aggressive energies of the day work for instead of against you. Don’t try
to fight people who are so obstinate that they refuse to see another perspective. At the same time,
make sure you stay open to other people’s points of view.

Sagittarius (Thanasu)
You may feel a strong connection with your fanciful, romantic side today, Sagittarius. Dreams and
illusions are apt to enter the scene and take you into the clouds. Be careful, because you might find
that a strong aggressive force opposes these dreams. Your wit and connection with new technology
and electrical gadgets will be your greatest assets on a day like today.

Capricorn (Magaram)
Give people the benefit of the doubt today, Capricorn. Even though you may not agree with everything
going on around you, people have their reasons for the way they act and the way they are. This
doesn’t mean that you need to act in exactly the same manner. Stick to your routine and don’t get
thrown off track by the aggressive warrior in others.

Aquarius (Kumbam)
Some action you took yesterday may be opposed today, Aquarius. Unclear facts and romantic
fantasies could get in the way of your taking decisive action. You may feel the need to act anyway.
Keep in mind that communication could be tainted by pockets of uncertainty. Try not to rock the boat.
Today’s energy is a delicate balance between war and peace.

Pisces (Meenam)
If you find yourself in a slump today, Pisces, don’t worry. It could be that nothing fits right or that a
certain nervous, restless energy urges you to take action but uncertainty prevents you from knowing
which way to turn. This combination could result in a locked-up feeling that keeps you incapable of
any movement at all.


Have a Nice Day!!!


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